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A charity-oriented token that is helping to fight mental illness across the world. Meet happycoin.

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the world needs $happy.

Mental illness is a silent battle for 10% of the world's population. It has touched almost every person on earth, and yet it's something we still never talk about. Why?

Despite serious progress in the past decade, mental health is still heavily stigmatized and under researched. Happycoin is a token that sets out to change this.

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With an initiative wallet set aside from the initial supply, and an aggressive transaction tax distribution, $happy allows you to earn big as you hodl.

original supply

30% Burned

10% Tax on Transactions

5% Distributed to holders
5% Added to liquidity

Profit from Holding

We reward holders with a 5% transaction tax which puts $HAPPY directly into your wallet every time someone buys or sells.

initiative wallet

3.5% of the initial token supply was reserved and belongs to the initiative wallet financing the project and forming the donation pool.


Fighting mental illness is a never-ending job and a strong plan is required to tackle it every day. Check out our roadmap and see what we have planned to keep this community and charity healthy and $HAPPY. Community events, giveaways, an NFT marketplace, and merchandise are all on the way!

April, 2021

😊   $HAPPY launch ✅
🥰    First donation (watch) ✅
🎥.  Influencer marketing  ✅
❓   Community AMA  ✅
🏆   Community contests ✅
🥞   PancakeSwap Logo ✅
🥰   Second Donation (Watch) ✅

May, 2021

🦎   CoinGecko Listing 
📈   CoinMarketCap Listing ✅
👀   StockTwits Listing
💸   WhiteBit listing
🥰   Third donation (Watch) ✅
💫   Bilaxy Listing
🥵   Merch ✅
👋   Community livestreams ✅
🌐   Website Improvements ✅
🤝   Major Influencer Partnerships ✅
🎥   $HAPPY Vlogs ✅
👋   Team members Doxxing ✅

June, 2021

🤝   HappySwap Launch (Try It) ✅
🛒   BitMart Listing ✅
💸   Donation records added to site ✅
👋   More team members doxxing ✅
🎉   HUGE Community Giveaways ✅
🙇   Jesse Wellens Video (watch)✅
👀   Major news coverage✅
🗣   HUGE NYC Billboard✅

July, 2021

💎   NFT Marketplace Development ✅
⭐ Mental Health Podcast ✅
✨ Community Town Halls ✅
💸 Crowdfunding Campaign talks ✅
🥵  Community Merch Contest ✅
🤝 Seek org partnerships for holders ✅
📚 Updated active Resource Pages ✅

Aug, 2021

💛  Podcast episode (with guest)
💎  E Sports fundraiser event
⭐ New Merch Designs
✨ Regular Support content
💸 Exclusive Holder Content
🎥 Weekly livestreams

faces of $HAPPY

$Happy is a community token that is truly run by the community. Everyone on the team started out just like you - holders with a lot of love to share, advice to give and a drive to do something good for the world. Come and say hi to the team on telegram / discord or reddit!- There are a mix of doxxed and undoxxed members. If you feel you have skills that are beneficial to the movement, get in contact with us and we'll find a space for you. 💛

Team Lead

Captain (cait)
Captain Cabinetz#0002

Outreach Liaison

Trach Beba#6537

Community Manager

J Maxwell
J {MOD}{NZD}#1043

Over $210,000 donated in 2 months

$HAPPY was founded on April 20th, 2021. Since then, every month the $happy team and the community has chosen a new mental health association to donate to. Donations are livestreamed on our Twitch at 9:00 PM UTC.

watch our past donations below.

Frequently Asked Questions

how do i buy $happy?

You can check out our full step-by-step guide and video explainer here!

what is Happycoin?

Launched on April 20th, 2021, HappyCoin is a charity token that donates to mental health organizations on a weekly basis! With an initial 3% charity wallet, we charge a tax of 10% on every transaction, with 5% burned for deflationary purposes, and 5% redistributed to holders to reward investors and keep the charity wallet flowing.

Initial supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

are you on social media?

Of course! Our socials can be found below..

🐦   Twitter
🤳   Twitch
📸   Instagram
✍   Medium
🤳   Telegram
👋   Discord
🔴   Reddit
🎬   Youtube

how are charities decided?

We are currently working with several charities that have set up wallets we can send BTC/ETH to! Once we have a larger list of mental health organizations that accept cryptocurrency, we will begin voting on these as a community on a weekly basis.

The first amount we are donating is $20,000! At this rate, we will donate $1,000,000 by this time next year, assuming we don't increase the rate with continued growth.

what is the official token ID?

The official $HAPPY token contract can be found here: 0xB0B924C4a31b7d4581a7F78F57ceE1E65736Be1D

what is the charity wallet id?

The official $HAPPY charity wallet can be found here: 0x2E5024BbA69E0981cFf8d760ab7Db2b230f78911

Why does the coin not show up in TrustWallet?

There's a simple solution to this. You've got to add it as a "custom token".

There are 3 steps:

1) Tap on the search token button and type something in. Once you get the screen "add custom token" go ahead and click it.

Get the custom token ID from happycoin. In this case you can just copy the ID: < TOKEN ID > and fill it in.

3) Fill the token details with the name aswell. Also make sure to select the binance smart chain.

4) The token should now be visible in your wallet. If you still have questions, you can ask around in the telegram. Source:

why are people saying this is rug-proof?

Because we have renounced the contract (essentially it is not able to be changed), developers are not able to go back in and tamper with the code. This means the playing field is fair game, and the token can go as far as the community, and the team would like to push it.

Furthermore, the aggressive tax being added to liquidity creates a larger and larger cushion, and reduces the price volatility as the coin gains traction, effectively making trading the token "comfier and comfier".

What does it mean to renounce ownership and burn liquidity?

Happycoin is a community token. By renouncing ownership, there are no actions developers can take in altering the token or its supply (so no mint feature can be called).

Shortly after launch, the LP tokens that can be used to redeem the initial investment were sent to a dead address, or burned, essentially meaning they are locked in the abyss forever (that's a good thing)!

do you have proof of the LP burn or the contract being renounced?

Yes we do! See below.

🔥   LP Burned
📑   Contract Renounced

Where can I find the dev team?

You can read the bio of the founder of HappyCoin (Sawyer Wildgen) here. You can also see the founder's identity reveal video here.

Doxxing (revealing your identity) is not the norm this soon into the release of a project. Due to the volatility of the crypto space, traders can get very emotional about price movement, and doxxing exposes team members to additional risk. For this reason, other team members are still waiting for liquidity to build before making their identities public.

Rest assured that this entire team is in it for the long haul, and there will be more and more team members that will be comfortable doxxing as the project progresses.

is there an audit of the code?

Yes there is, our first audit from DessertSwap can be found here! Certik audit can be found here 💛

do you have proof of actually donating?

Of course! A video of our lead developer doxxing as well as donating to the first charity can be found here alongside all of our other donations.

How can I contact Happycoin?

You can find the social contact names of our core team here or if you have any inquiries, feel free to email us at -

make the world a $happy-er place

The happycoin team is on a mission to make the world a $happy-er place, while earning you money. We're quickly building an amazing community and having a ton of fun along the way. Join us!